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B.Tech		 : Computer Science & Engg. - (1989-93)KNIT Engg. Sultanpur (India)
		   Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology,
		   Sultanpur - Uttar-Pradesh (India)
		   UP State Engineering College.

High School	 : Govt. College, Kanpur 

Intermediate	 : Govt. College, Kanpur


Favorite Subjects:   Data Structures/Programming/System Analysis & Design
		   Software Engineering

My Head of Deptt :   Dr. H.M. Srivastava

College Location :   KNIT-Sultanpur is situated on the bank of Gomati river,
		   around 140km from the capitol of Uttar-Pradesh, Lucknow, 
		          100km from Holy city Prayag Nagri (Allahabad), 
		          140km from Hindu-pilgrimage and popular old
		                     city famous for Temples, Banaras, 
			  240km from my native, a city famous for Leather Exports,
		                     Textiles, IIT, Kanpur.

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